If you love your Sirius or XM satellite service, now is the time to re-up your subscription for another three years. The newly unified Sirius XM is charging $2 for additional subscriptions and adding another $2.99 fee for Internet radio. The Internet radio feature does add a 128k premium feed option, which is nice. Subscribers can avoid the price hike by locking in their service before March 11. The increases are seen as a way for Sirius XM to raise money to fund its massive piles of debt. The satellite radio conglomerate wins either way; if you rush to lock in rates, the company gets an immediate cash infusion. If you wait and subscribe for more money, your individual subscription will bring in more money than it did before. We're obviously not too thrilled about this news, especially since it comes on the heels of a competition-killing merger. But to be fair, the two companies kept prices steady for many years, and that's not sustainable forever.
[Source: Kicking Tires]

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