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The Loremo was one of the first vehicles we wrote about about when AutoblogGreen started back on Earth Day 2006. The company itself has been around since 2000 in Germany. It's a reality check to note that this initially super-high mpg aerodynamic vehicle and then all-electric vehicle is still nowhere near production. The closest we've come is seeing the look of the high-mpg model back in August (above). Until today.

According to the new Loremo blog, the company is making progress on all the models that it is working on, and we should see three different powertrain prototypes in 2009. The blog post calls this "a major milestone on the way to series development." Here's the short version of where each vehicle is today:

  • The base model Loremo: revising downward their earlier estimates, Loremo now says this model will get something like 120 mpg (still plenty to win the Auto X Prize) with a 700 ccm engine that features turbo charging, inter-cooling and exhaust gas recycling.
  • The Loremo GT: this is a sportier version of the base model and will use a German-manufacturer-sourced Otto engine (sorry, diesel fans). By using this 850 ccm engine, conversions to CNG or LPG will be possible, something Loremo says customers are already asking for.
  • The all-electric Loremo EV: test runs have been started and a roadworthiness certificate issued. Public road tests should take place in March

The three powertrains will all be put into the same body, and Loremo says that the liquid-fuel engines are mature enough that the only real work that remains is on the chassis, interior and shell. If all this is accurate, then we should be seeing all sorts of cool updates - videos and pictures, etc. - in the very near future. Thanks to Michal B. of the Czech EV Club for the tip!

[Source: Loremo Forums]

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