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Could it be? Is the United States going to get access to the spunky Fiat 500 that we've been so anxiously waiting for? Sounds like a distinct possibility, at least according to Motor Trend, which claims to have it on good authority that the Italian automaker is eying a potential sale date in 2010 for its little city car. Before that can take place, the 500's cute-as-a-button front end needs a slight redesign in order to meet with the approval of the Feds for safety purposes. Hopefully, the change would be subtle. Unfortunately for Canadians, they're likely going to miss out due to the cost of modifying the 500 to meet Canadian crash test requirements. The rumor continues that the Fiat 500 would share space in U.S. Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep showrooms, offering an already established distribution chain, which is exactly what the Italian automaker has been missing. Fiat's 100-horsepower 1.4 16-valve four cylinder powerplant is reportedly the engine that's being considered for American shores. A turbocharged Abarth couldn't be too far behind, could it?

[Source: Motor Trend]

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