As it was for the original unveiling of the Aptera Mk-0 prototype back in March of '07, the TED conference will again be the venue for the unveiling of the latest iteration of the company's exercise in automotive efficiency, the 2e. This coming February 3rd in Long Beach, California, those folks who threw down the $6,000 necessary to attend the 2009 edition of the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference (and signed up for the limited slots) will have the chance to drive the pre-production version of the wingless bird you see pictured above. Jealous? Yeah, so are we.

Luckily, the 2e will be making other, more affordable, appearances next month as well. One of which, according to a poster on Aptera Forum, will be at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad on the 20th, where there is to be a big shindig held by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Famed painter-of-whales, Wyland, will also be in attendance and although we can't say whether rides will be offered, the price of admission is a "mere" $120.

[Source: Aptera Forum]

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