Click above to watch behind-the-scenes footage of "Epic Lap"

We love the undulating flume of asphalt that is Road Atlanta, and any excuse to lay rubber on its storied curves is usually good enough for us. But Hyundai is going at least one better with its forthcoming Super Bowl ad featuring the new Genesis Coupe.

The Korean automaker enlisted the help of top drifting, truck almost-flipping, former rallyist Rhys Millen to showcase the rear-drive coupe. The Kiwi ran around Road Atlanta around 50 times with tires blazing to nail down footage for Hyundai's "Epic Lap" spot.

Even more interesting is that Hyundai will make footage clips available to consumers on their website so that they can edit together their own Genesis commercials.

While the final commercial won't be released until February 1 during the big game, the folks at Motor Trend were on hand for a behind-the-scenes sneak peak at the commercial. It's worth a look - and not just because of the comely yellow Hyundais. Watch closely and you'll spot a pair of killer blacked-out camera cars: A Porsche Cayenne and a Mitsubishi Evo. Check out the high-res Hyundai Genesis Coupe gallery below and video footage after the jump.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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