It looks like there may be at least three different variations of the mid-engine roadster that Volkswagen introduced at the Detroit Auto Show last week. The concept BlueSport is based on a new modular architecture Volkswagen is developing that will allow for multiple configurations. If the car is approved for production, an Audi-badged R4 variant will definitely be part of the program. Rounding things out may be a SEAT-branded model. The group's Spanish division would likely use the same 180 hp 2.0L diesel as the VW concept. Seat has been competing in the World Touring Car Championship with TDI-powered Leon hatchbacks; a diesel roadster would be a good way to capitalize on that. A Porsche-branded version is unlikely however. The new corporate overlords at VW prefer people to buy a used Porsche as an entry level model rather than offering a less expensive new model. Thanks to Paul for the tip!

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