Renault and Williams debating KERS implementation

Formula 1's Kinetic Energy Recovery System, otherwise known as KERS, is causing quite a stir among the teams that are preparing to compete in the 2009 season. BMW is said to have led the push to implement these hybrid systems on schedule this year, and rumor has it that many of the other teams are none too happy about it, with Ferrari admitting that its system is more expensive than planned and that the team would be testing versions of the car with and without the technology. Add Williams and Renault to the list of teams that are not yet convinced that KERS will prove viable. Williams is using a purely mechanical KERS system as favored by FIA President Max Mosely, while Renault, Ferrari and BMW are using electrical battery-based technology. Because of the ban on testing, many believe that none of these systems will truly be ready by the start of the season in March.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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