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When I went to see Neil Young tear up some of his classic songs last month in Detroit, I noticed a particularly appropriate song to write a post about: "Fuel Line." It's not a great song, but it is apparently the start of something bigger: a concept album about cars not powered by gasoline. With the LincVolt progressing from single-vehicle conversion to full-on public offering, Uncle Neil has had time to write a series of songs about eco-friendly cars. Pitchfork has uncovered song titles for the "Fork in the Road" album like "Cough Up the Bucks," "Hit the Road," and "Get Around." The album should be out this spring, and if you were hoping for that Neil Young Archives release, these songs are taking precedence over that project. Sorry.

To get a taste of the songs on the album, Young has released a video of the title track. The visuals are nothing more than Neil Young singing into a camera while wearing earplugs connected to an apple. An ironic stab at the iPod or just Uncle Neil doing his own thing? Decide for yourself by watching the video after the jump

[Source: Pitchfork via Jalopnik]

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