Where can an automaker make a difference? Just by building greener cars? By having green dealerships? Wait, it can also have green training facilities! That's the tack that Jaguar Land Rover, not known for fuel efficient vehicles, is taking. Jaguar Land Rover's new training facilities in Warwick, England occupy over 4,000 m2, including a workshop for all hands-on training. There are also 16 classrooms, which are large enough to house a vehicle for better training. The green part comes from the building itself, which has been refurbished to include an array of energy efficient solutions. For instance, a special wax polymer that absorbs heat in summer and prevents heat from escaping in winter to save on the heating/cooling bill. There is also an array of additional measures such as rainwater harvesting tanks, solar/thermal heating and water heating, high efficiency lighting and spray foam insulation. All this to save an estimated 275 tons of CO2 per year (about 2 million km on the Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4_e).
[Source: Jaguar]

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