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As much as we love vintage Vespa scooters, the buzzy 2-stroke powerplants that reside under the right-side cowls of the old Italian wasps are anything but environmentally friendly. On the other hand, we hate to see perfectly good vehicles that could otherwise offer reasonable transportation solutions scrapped if they are salvageable. What to do? How about converting the old Vespa and Lambretta scooters to electric? We like the sound of that, and it turns out that there's already at least one company that's doing just that with a conversion kit. Included in the parts bin are a new swingarm, electric hub-motor, 300 Amp Alltrax controller kit and a new rear brake cylinder. The motor provides 3000 watts of power on 60 volts, allowing for speeds of over 35 miles per hour. The only bit that isn't listed on the ordering page is the battery pack, though there are certainly numerous options as far as that's concerned. Check out a video of an electric Vespa after the break.

[Source: Soundspeed Scooters via 2StrokeBuzz]


Electric Vespa Conversion Kit - Group Ride from Soundspeed Scooters on Vimeo.

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