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A Prius or three, a Tesla Roadster, and at least two RAV4 EVs. Those are the cars starring in a new commercial from Al Gore's "Re-power America" campaign (a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection). This ad, totally pro plug-in vehicle and renewable energy, started running on TV stations nationwide during President Obama's inauguration yesterday. Plug In America's Paul and Zan Scott are the proud owners of the RAV4 EV that the actor/mechanic plugs a charging cable into at the end of the clip (and seen above). Former AutoblogGreen blogger Marc Geller has his own blog called, appropriately enough, Plugs And Cars and he has a post about the new commercial and notes that The Alliance has, "the budget to really move the national conversation about the future of cars away from the well-funded distractions of hydrogen, fuel cells, natural gas and ethanol." You can watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Plug In America, Plugs And Cars]

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