Click above to view the new Scuderia Ferrari F60 in high resolution

Scuderia Ferrari chose to unveil its new car for the 2009 F1 season before anyone else, so while other teams were assuredly tweaking their designs up until the last minute, Ferrari's was already out on the track. And now it seems there are some problems with the F60's design.

For starters, the exhausts are being reported as illegal. While the other cars revealed so far have inboard exhaust pipes, the Ferrari's protrude from the bodywork in contravention of new aerodynamic regulations. On top of that, Ferrari seems to be having trouble with its new jumbo front wing, which could explain why, with Fiorano snowed in, the team opted to run test laps at its own Mugello track instead of Algarve in Portugal where the rest of the teams are testing, presumably to be closer to the factory. An organization as large and streamlined as Ferrari should have no trouble fixing these problems before the start of the season, which hasn't even kicked off yet. Looks like this is going to be another one of those seasons.

[Source: F1-Live]

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