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Some of us live in the real world, while other spend time in Fantasyville. Jon Sibal falls into the latter, and we're happy for it. The talented illustrator had given us glimpses of upcoming supercars – including the Ferrari Scuderia Spider, Mercedes SLR Speedster (later revealed as the Stirling Moss edition) and Aston Martin One-77 – before the manufacturers have released official pictures. So what would Sibal drive himself? Well, needless to say, it doesn't exist (yet), but while you might think it'd be some fantastic derivative of an upcoming supercar, what Jon has picked out for himself is a BMW M3 Touring wagon.

The current-generation M3 is currently made in three bodystyles: the E90 sedan, E92 coupe and E93 convertible. If you were high astute enough to follow the psychedelic pinball counting cartoon on Sesame Street as a child, you'll have noticed that the E91 is missing from the equation. That's the designation for the current 3 Series station wagon. BMW's anticipated to roll out an M3 wagon sometime in the next few months, but Sibal's not waiting around, and has given us these renderings to hold us over. While he was at it, he dropped the ride height down to the floor with a KW coil-over suspension, fitted a titanium exhaust, AC Schnitzer spoilers front and back, BBS mags coated in Yokohama rubber and Brembo eight-pot brakes, then added a supercharger to the M3's V8 and painted it satin white for good measure. Not too shabby, and not too far-fetched, either. Who knows, if Sibal earns what he deserves, maybe this fantasy can become reality when BMW unleashes the latest M3 Touring on the world.

[Source: via BMW Blog]

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