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Sure, the big news in the Tesla world are the somewhat sneaky price increases that people on the buyers' list now have to deal with. But, if you're more of a fanboy who just wants to hear the good news, then you'll like this story about London Mayor Boris Johnson. During a preview of the IQ2 Green Festival, Johnson went for a test drive in a Roadster and it just enhanced his desire for an electric car, just not the Roadster. Johnson might not like the London congestion charge, but he does like EVs and told Tesla's UK sales and marketing director that, "What I really want is a people carrier." Cochrane replied, "You'll get one." Possibly, but not from Tesla Motors any time soon.

If you're jealous of Johnson's drive and live near London, listen up. The organizers of the Intelligence Squared Green Festival are raffling off four chances to test drive the Tesla Roadster. You can find the details in the press release after the jump.

[Source: The Intelligence Squared Green Festival on Climate Change]


Boris Johnson Test Drives World's First Ever Electric Car for Intelligence Squared Green Festival on Climate Change

Submitted by: The Intelligence Squared Green Festival on Climate Change Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Intelligence Squared Green Festival on Climate Change ( Sunday January 25 2009 – 10.45am-6.30pm The Royal Geographical Society Boris Johnson Test Drives World's First Ever Luxury Electric Sports Car for the Intelligence Squared Green Festival on Climate Change

The Intelligence Squared Green Festival ( on Climate Change is a non profit all day event which has attracted some of the foremost experts in the world to debate the most important topic of our age. The festival aims to raise awareness and stimulate debate on the scientific, regulatory, economic and social dimensions of climate change and to look at what should be done at government, corporate and individual levels to tackle the challenges we face.

Today Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who has said many times that his next car will be electric, tried out the world's first 100% electric luxury sports car, as part of the festival's publicity campaign. "What I really want is a people carrier" he said to Don Cochrane, Sales and Marketing Director for Tesla in the UK. "You'll get one" replied Don. In reality Tesla's Model S, a four-door sedan, will be on the market in the UK in two years time. Their people carrier will take a little longer. The festival is offering four ticket buyers the chance to test drive the Roadster in a prize draw available on its website –

The Tesla Raodster is a history-making car which is sexy, sporty and green ( . It has a sleek, Lotus-related design, runs from 0 to 60 in less than four seconds, burns no oil and recharges its battery with a 13 amp plug. It can be driven with the roof down even in our current weather as its heated seats keep drivers nice and warm. The car will go on the market in the UK in May 2009 priced at £92,000. The Climate Change Festival takes place on Sunday January 25th at the Royal Geographical Society and will feature not just the debates and discussions that Intelligence Squared is known for, but also lots of climate-related activities – the chance to see an exhibition of award-winning climate change photos, to explore a solar powered house, test drive a G-Wiz and win other green prizes worth hundreds of pounds.

A roster of high profile international speakers, will take part in a series of discussions and debates designed to allow audience members the opportunity to challenge speakers with their own questions. Speakers include botanist and broadcaster, Sir David Bellamy, Nobel-prize laureate, Professor Mohan Munasinghe – Vice Chairman IPCC, Professor Robert Watson - DEFRA's Chief Scientific Advisor, Christine Loh – one of TIME magazine's 'Heroes of the Environment', Tony Juniper, Special Advisor to the Prince's Rainforests Trust and Svati Bhogle, winner of 2008 Energy Champion Ashden Award. A group of sixth formers, chosen with The Royal Geographical Society, will run the first debate of the day, debating the motion 'Climate change is the Greatest threat facing humanity' – an event chaired by polar explorer Ben Saunders. To test drive the Tesla Roadster, first ever electric sports car, enter our prize draw by booking a ticket. Tickets for individual sessions cost £10.00 or £15.00 or you can buy a day pass for £50. Tickets for young people aged 18 and under are 75% off, for stuents, 50% off. (See website for details).Buy tickets and learn more at the festival website

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