First Corvette ZR1 lands in Middle East for Royal Bahraini Family

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The 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is the baddest in the two-seater's 56 year history. The ZR1's stat sheet includes jaw-dropping numbers like 638 supercharged horsepower, a 7:26 'Ring time, and straight line performance that bests supercars from Germany and Italy. So of course, the wealthiest of oil barons want the ZR1 for their trophy cases, and the Royal Bahraini Family will be first to take delivery. Fadi Ghosn, Chief Marketing Officer at General Motors Middle East, has said that there be a "limited amount" of ZR1s to arrive in the Middle East. And given the premium that is paid for high-end sports cars in that region, we're guessing GM will deliver as many supercharged Vettes as possible. Lets just hope the new ZR1s don't end up dipped in chrome or adorned with 24k gold accents.

[Source: AME Info]

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