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It looks like Japanese and American consumers will be the only ones that get access to the new Lexus HS250h, at least through normal distribution channels. Toyota's European communications chief Serge Gachot told Automotive News after the reveal of the HS250h that the new hybrid will not be imported into Europe. Apparently, the HS does not have a significant advantage in CO2 emissions over the diesel-powered IS220d, which is already available there. The IS220d is rated at 163 g/km and the new hybrid model, which is similar in size, would be in the same ball park. Given the tough market right now and the fact that Toyota is expected to post its first loss in seven decades this year, the cost of certifying a redundant model doesn't make sense. With the greater appeal of hybrids in North America and Japan, the HS would probably do better here.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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