Maybe that $32,600 RAV4 EV wasn't such an anomaly. Another of these all-electric SUVs has popped up on eBay and the Buy It Now price is just $35,000. It wasn't that long ago that $60,000+ was pretty standard for one of these vehicles. So, either the economy is taking its toll on eBay sales, (relatively) low gas prices are making people less likely to spend big bucks on an EV, or these are two examples that do not make a trend. In any case, the real interesting bit is that the buy it now price has been dropped from $40k for a highway-speed electric SUV with just 49,000 miles. The car it located in Texas and comes with a wall-mounted MagneCharger. The current bid is $19,000, but that doesn't meet the reserve price.

But wait a minute, the image above looks very, very similar to the image of a RAV4 EV that sold (but was then not paid for) on eBay earlier this year for $89,200. Turns out, the vehicle for sale is that same RAV4. AutoblogGreen reader Mickabout, who was quite pleased with the purchase six months ago.

Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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