As you may or may not be aware, this week saw the passing of not one, but two greats from the world of entertainment. Patrick McGoohan died at the age of 80 in Santa Monica last Tuesday. He is of course best known for his work on The Prisoner, which he co-created, starred in, and executive-produced. (McGoohan would also end up writing and/or directing several episodes.) He famously turned down the roles of James Bond and Simon Templar (The Saint), and his career went on to include memorable turns in films such as Escape From Alcatraz, Ice Station Zebra and Braveheart. He'd also go on to win a pair of Emmys for guest-starring on Columbo; the first a 1974 episode, and the second a 1990 telemovie. Still, his signature role was and remains The Prisoner' s Number Six, and so we present that show's opening sequence above. After all, McGoohan piloting a Lotus Seven through London is certainly appropriate to this venue, don't you think? Rest in Peace, Patrick.

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