Not even an "E" for effort? Apparently not. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a website called SaferCar, where you can sign up to get email alerts about new vehicle recalls as they come in. You simply tell NHTSA all about your car and if a recall notice is issued, they ping your email, cell phone, PDA or RSS reader. At least that's the theory. Consumer advocate groups like the Consumer Federation of America and the Center for Auto Safety are calling the NHTSA program a "sham," and say it is actually counter-productive. So what gives?
NHTSA says that as many as 25% of the recall letters sent by manufacturers are ignored by customers and the plan was to help the public respond to recalls more often. The problem is the recall notices being sent through the NHTSA program are keyed to vehicle year and make, not to the individual model or a specific configuration. So owners were getting notices of every 2008 Toyota recall, for example, even if they had an unaffected Toyota model.

Consumer groups are upset, claiming that this makes car owners more likely to ignore notices because there are so many coming through that don't pertain to them. NHTSA says it will take another look at how they are running the program and make changes if necessary.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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