Click above for high-res gallery of what would have been the 2010 Pontiac G8 ST

Remember when the Pontiac G8 ST had just been announced for production and General Motors had not yet chosen a name for its new not-a-camino? A contest was held, a winner was chosen and the Poncho sport truck got the ST suffix officially added to its base G8-derived name. Joseph Warren, the winner of the naming contest, was granted a G8 ST as his prize for picking the right (and seemingly rather obvious) name, but since that particular piece of sport-truckery has now officially been scrapped, he had to pick something else. His choice? A fresh new Pontiac Torrent GXP. Really, we're not making that up. His only direction was that it had to be priced equal to or less than what the ST would have sold for. He could be parking a desirable G8 GT in his driveway, but perhaps the Torrent's CUV bodystyle is a better fit for Mr. Warren's life. Your mileage may vary.


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