Ford is looking to bring over more C-segment crossovers from Europe to the US, and word has it that the people-hauling C-Max is toward the top of the list. The current C-Max would probably be sufficient for US duty in terms of size and performance, but with America's different legislative standards, if we get the Euro crossover Stateside it will likely arrive with the next redesign.
The next C-Max is already on its way toward production, as evidenced by spy photos taken of a couple next-generation mules dredging through the snow. The C-Max mule is clothed in yesterday's duds, but a wider than usual b-pillar shows that the Euro crossover is going to get bigger. The extra four or five inches of interior volume could make room for a third row of seats, or Ford could simply be angling for extra cargo capacity. Either way, a new C-Max is en-route. And thanks to Ford's future ability to build Focus-sized vehicles in Louisville beginning in 2010, it could be built here in the States. We can hope.

[Source: Next Autos]

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