Automotive journalism legend David E. Davis, Jr., may find himself heading a new magazine if an independent effort to spiff up Detroit's image can find a footing. New York's Kelmenson, Davis (yes, that Davis) & Associates is trying to turn up $50 million to create a non-profit entity to spread the word about the great strides domestic automakers have made lately. The concept, which would be outwardly similar to the "Got Milk" campaign, was developed by Tony Kuhn, an executive partner at KDA.
The $50 million would fund a marketing effort aimed at convincing Americans to take another look at General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The advertising would be augmented by a cable TV documentary and a Davis-helmed "American Drive" magazine. Former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca thinks it's a dandy idea, and has even lobbied on Kelmenson's behalf to auto executives. While they're flattered by the attention and support the idea, honchos at General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford have passed on bankrolling it. While we're not able to throw any money at it, either, Detroit's perception versus reality gap is a palpable problem, and it would be nice to see some of the buying public receive a more up-to-date education.

[Source: AdAge]

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