At last year's Geneva Motor Show, Bentley declared it would get its fleet to the equivalent of 120 g/km of well-to-wheel CO2 emissions by 2012. One of the keys to that will be the use of biofuels, primarily ethanol. At the Detroit Auto Show this week, Bentley board member Stuart McCullough declared that the company would debut its first flex fuel car at the Geneva Motor Show in March. McCullough also confirmed that the entire Bentley lineup will be flex-fuel capable by 2012. Since all of Bentley's cars are turbocharged, they should be well suited to running on the high octane ethanol. By tuning the engines for ethanol, Bentley may even be able to overcome most of the efficiency deficit that normally aspirated engines experience with ethanol. Whether running on ethanol will really make Bentleys get the equivalent of 120 g/km is debatable, but at least they won't be using as much petroleum.

[Source: Inside Line via Autofiends]

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