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You know that saying, "From here to Timbuktu?" Apparently the people at Parajet do, and the 'here' in this case will be London. You see, the British flying car maker decided to use that phrase quite literally to show the world that their paragliding dune buggy can actually, well, fly. They've launched an expedition that will take them from London to Timbuktu, driving where they have roads available, and flying wherever they don't.

We first told you about the Parajet Skycar journey in November but now the adventure has officially launched. A Parajet Skycar took off from London, and the plan is to fly over France, Spain, Morocco and the Sahara, then – God-willing – arrive in the Malian capital of Timbuktu sometime in February. When we saw the Parajet Skycar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last summer, we learned that it makes use of a biofuel-powered Yamaha motorcycle engine to power either the rear wheels when ground-bound, or an airboat-type caged propeller when taking flight.

It needs just 200 meters of runway and has a cruising speed of (just) 68 miles-per-hour at 3,000 feet, but the Skycar can reportedly reach altitudes of 15,000 feet. Thankfully, parachutes are included. When driving, the car has a top speed of 108 mph and a range of 240 miles. We'll try to keep you posted about their progress, but check out the iMOTORTV clip we found of the Parajet Skycar in action, after the jump.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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