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Well, what do you know? K.I.T.T. was a big hit here at Barrett-Jackson today. We'd never have guessed that there would be enough fans (with money) of the original Knight Rider series here at the auction to drive bidding all the way to $40,000 (add another $4K in fees), but indeed there were. This isn't actually one of the original cars that was used by the Hoff in the '80s, but bits and pieces of it were in fact used in the craptastic new version that our own Mr. Núñez so lovingly mocks each and every week in his hilarious live blog. Not all is lost, though, for fans of the real K.I.T.T., as this is a fully functioning replica, complete with the trademark flashing front strobe lights and two working monitors inside. Plus, how many of your friends have talking cars that are signed by George Barris? None. Perhaps it was worth the dough after all.

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