We've seen electric Bugs before, and we're likely to keep seeing them in the future for a variety of reasons. First, the platform is cheap and VeeDub sold so many of the little rear-engined buggers that there are lots of them to be had. Second, the air-cooled drivetrain is dead simple and is contained all in one little place, making conversions a relatively simple affair. Last, but certainly not least, the Beetle's light weight - much of which is due to its unique body-on-pan construction - makes for an excellent platform for an electric car.

The latest such Bug EV is called the Lightning Bug and comes courtesy of an aftermarket golf cart manufacturer from Michigan named Dale King. With the recent business slowdown, King has had enough time to concentrate on the electric vehicle project and has reportedly spent just $13K to create a vehicle that's capable of hitting 70 miles per hour for distances of up to 100 miles. Those are pretty good specs for a conversion, but we're left wondering what kind of motor, batteries or controller are being used. Whatever the case, King would like to begin commercializing the product, so we may know more in time. Thanks for the tip, Steve!

[Source: MLive]

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