EDIT: This is a post about flying saucers powered by perpetual energy and should be read with humor in mind.

Could your next mode of transportation be on a flying saucer? It all depends on who you ask. Direct that question towards Alfie Carrington of Clinton Township, Michigan, and you'll get a resounding "yes." Carrington, a construction worker by day, hopes that the UFO he's been building in his garage qualifies him to receive $250,000 from the Feds as part of the much larger auto bailout program. A small price to pay to ween ourselves from petroleum use, right? We'd bet against him, but stranger things have happened.

What would the money be used for? To create the flying saucer's powertrain, which would reportedy use spinning discs that produce an unlimited supply of electricity that would be fed to batteries. A set of air ducts would be used to control the carbon fiber frisbee's flight path. That's rather vague, admittedly, but perpetual power sounds perfect for a flying saucer to us.

[Source: Detroit News]

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