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Remember the old days when calling a car a "land yacht" was a bad thing? Well those days are far behind us, with Audi sport-utilities and Rolls-Royce convertibles alike now purposely taking their cues from the water-bound. This just might top it, though. It's called the Bewerp Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS. (We didn't make that up. We couldn't have). It's the plan of a couple of Dutch students, Emile Pop and Justin de Boer, to separate the obscenely wealthy from their money.

The concept is something of a cross between a Pagani Zonda Roadster, the Lamborghini Estoque concept and a Bentley Continental GTC. Only crazier. It's a four-door, four-seat hardtop convertible with a custom spaceframe chassis overlaid with carbon fiber. Power is provided by a Corvette LS7 engine, supercharged to deliver 600 horsepower and driving the rear wheels through a GM-sourced automatic. Koni shocks and custom air suspension are at each corner, with eight-piston calipers gripping 380mm discs up front and four-piston/355mm brakes at the back. Unique suicide, scissor doors are operated via a custom wristwatch or touchscreen to give access to a compartmentalized, nautical-themed and luxuriously-appointed cabin from which the engine can be seen. If all of this sounds incredibly expensive, it is: they'll be asking €257,000 apiece (approximately $340k), with the first example, currently under production, to debut at the chi-chi Top Marques show in Monaco this April. By then, their prospective clients may have recuperated some of their cash, but the car's name likely won't have gotten any shorter.

[Source: Autogespot and diseno-art]

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