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The all-new 2009 Porsche Cayman and Boxster are coming Stateside in March, with new technology, more power, and a price hike over the outgoing model. The 2009 Boxster will start at $46,600, and the right to own the more powerful Boxster S will run you $10,100 more at $56,700. The Cayman will start at $50,300, and adding an S will bring you up to $60,200. Porsche's 2009 pricing represents a 1.8% increase when compared to the outgoing 2008 models, but you get quite a bit more Porsche for the New Year.

Thanks to Porsche's new Direct Fuel Injection tech, both the Boxster and Cayman models will receive a significant power boost. The base 2.9-liter flat-six will increase power for the Boxster and Cayman to 255 and 265 ponies. The S-level 3.4-liter engine will now crank out 310 hp in the convertible and 320 hp for its fixed roof sibling. Also available is Porsche's new seven-speed PDK double-clutch transmission, which offers manual paddle shifting without the labor of a clutch. The new powertrains will give Porsche owners some extra punch, while also improving fuel economy -- combined estimates come in at over 25 mpg.

Porsche is also cranking up the price of the iconic 911 and the Cayenne will also see a bump in price for 2009. Beginning in February, both models will receive a 1% price hike, with the average sticker jumping by about $900.

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