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Universal has just released the second theatrical trailer for what is sure to be an Oscar shoe-in next year: Fast & the Furious 4. Yes, it's the return of Dom Toretto and Brian O'Connor, a.k.a. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, to the roles that made them famous. The new trailer after the jump shows a nice romp through L.A. as O'Connor chases down a token bald and inked Latino man who must have done something really bad. We're then whooshed to the Mexican desert, where the combined forces of Diesel and Walker are required to... drive cars for some sort of larger purpose to which we're not yet privy. Sign us up!

Seriously, though, the first F&F was fun, the second cruel and unusual punishment and the third an interesting way to extend the franchise and make more money. The fourth will be epic, mark our words. We've already ordered tickets on Fandango. Follow the jump to watch the new teaser for yourself so you can agree with us out loud. We've also added new high-res stills from the film in the gallery below just for all you Jordana Brewster fans.

[Source: YouTube]

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