Pics and Video: Scuderia Ferrari F60 gets on track

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Formula One teams love a good challenge. As if it weren't difficult enough to dominate at the pinnacle of motorsports, for the 2009 season, each team will have to adapt to a host of new regulations, including the introduction of the KERS regenerative braking systems, the reintroduction of slick tires and significant changes to the aerodynamics package. Still not hard enough? How about cutting the budgets the teams are meant to adapt to the new rules... and then eliminating all the test sessions during the season, leaving just a handful of pre-season runs to get everything up to speed (so to speak). Scuderia Ferrari apparently thought that still wasn't enough, so they've opted to unveil their car earlier than the rest of the field.

Of course that's going to mean a few glitches, and in its first day on the track, the new F60 broke down and was sidelined for most of the day. That's sent the engineers back to the drawing board to work out the glitches, but not before the cameramen could get a few shots and some video footage of the new F60 in action at the Mugello circuit near Florence, Italy. Check 'em out in the updated gallery below and in the video after the jump, and stay tuned for the individual revelations of the rest of the crop of 2009-spec F1 cars, starting with Toyota's this coming Thursday.

[Source: Ferrari]

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