Now that General Motors and Chrysler have accepted Federal assistance in the form of low-interest bridge loans, the two companies may not have many choices available to them if a Fed-appointed individual were to make product recommendations to senior management. In fact, that's exactly what the so-called car czar would likely do, under the guise of keeping an eye on the interests of the taxpayers who funded the automakers' revival. Ford, though, has not accepted any assistance yet, and it hopes not to.

Recent comments made by CEO Alan Mulally may offer a glimpse as to why the Blue Oval's so hesitant to take a handout. After expressing that he's looking forward to working with the incoming Obama administration, Ford's CEO said, "My god, I hope that a car czar does not get into the product strategy of the companies," specifically referring to whether the car czar should decide who makes police cars and taxis. Hopefully, whoever is appointed to the position (if anybody is at all) would have abundant experience in the American automotive world, lest something really bad should happen.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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