Sure, there are plenty of things in the automotive world that are overrated. Enough, in fact, to compile a whole list of them, as seen here. Come on, join in... it's fun! For instance, in addition to the small SUVs that already made the list, why not add big SUVs too? Most buyers of the big behemoths rarely use the full capabilities of their rigs and could almost always use a smaller vehicle. What about those rare instances when a monster 'ute is necessary? Rent one. Remember, even if one more giant SUV was never made, there's an endless supply of perfectly good used ones to choose from.

Moving right along, what else is on this particlar overrated list? The Prius? Well, perhaps, since quite a number of people admit to choosing them simply to look like they care. The Tesla? Eh, fine. It's expensive and seats only two occupants. We're not sure overrated is the right word for these two vehicles, but whatever. Miles per gallon? Um, no, not overrated in the slightest bit. Why's it on the list? To quote the anonymous author, "In case you haven't noticed (and nobody has) gas is really cheap again." Ugh. Isn't this the attitude that got us into this mess in the first place?

[Source: Inside Line]

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