Former Formula One World Champion Jackie Stewart believes that no one in the sport's paddock will dare to speak out against Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone, so he's tasked himself with the honor. Suggesting that F1 is essentially run by a cabal consisting of two men, Stewart says that Max and Bernie are too close and have too much power. This has kept the people inside the sport from speaking out about it and the situation has made the current revenue sharing plan "untenable" - all of which figures to leave an enormous vacuum whenever Bernie exits the series.
Of course, nothing Stewart says is likely to change anything. The last time Stewart said something about Mosley, Mosley called him "a certified halfwit who dresses funny." And Ecclestone has said numerous times that the day he quits F1 is the day they are putting him in the grave. Only Ecclestone's partners, CVC, could try to force him out, but since he made F1 what it what it is today, that isn't likely to happen until... they put Ecclestone in his grave.

[Source: AFP via Google]

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