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Electric bicycles are becoming more and more common as people see a need to get themselves and little else from one place to another. Bicycles are an excellent way to travel in any case, and now that electric motors, controllers and batteries are becoming more widely available, cyclists are taking it upon themselves to create their own zero-emissions transportation solutions. Take, for example, this Instructable, which shows how to take a beach cruiser-style bicycle and transform it into an EV. There are kits available to convert normal bikes into electric machines, but this is a bit more complex than that. The result is something that resembles an old board track motorcycle that's capable of hitting speeds of 50 miles per hour for around a hour using 48-volts worth of batteries. We love the arrangement of the components on the frame, which make the machine appear as if it's powered by a V-Twin engine. See a video of the machine in action after the break.

[Source: Instructables]


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