Adventure-style motorcycles are hot right now, and we can see why. The idea of traveling far and wide on a two-wheeler that's capable of traversing whatever comes its way is an intriguing proposition, and one made even more so by such machines like the genre-defining BMW R 1200 GS. The recipe seems pretty simple: take one torque-rich and fuel efficient engine; attach it to a frame with relaxed geometry and add rugged suspenders, tires and lots of cargo carrying capacity. Presto! You've got an adventure tourer. Simple, right? Here's a twist, though: replace the gas engine for one that runs on diesel. Brilliant!

A Dutch company known as EVA has been working on a new diesel-powered adventure tourer for the last few years, and the machines are reportedly ready for sales in Europe. A 54-horsepower oil-burner that's capable of running on biofuels is a great start, and the standard CVT transmission and optional two-wheel drive are icing on the cake. Fuel mileage of 100 miles per gallon at a steady 55 mph is the result, and a six gallon tank means that range will never be a problem. Click past the break for a short movie.

[Source: EVA via Motorcycle Daily]


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