1979; Kramer vs. Kramer was the top grossing film, Rod the Bod was riding "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" up the charts, and the late, great Fox-body Mustang was brand new. In that heady last year of the 1970s, Ford and Navistar gazed deeply into each other's corporate eyes and dreamily vowed "I do." The relationship had been one of give and take – Navistar giving engines (most recently diesel ones for Ford's heavy-duty pickups), Ford taking the motors and in turn giving cash to its supplier – until things turned contentious around the current engine contract. The differences have become too much to bear, though the companies are being far more civil now than in the past. Ford and Navistar have reportedly settled all lawsuits flying back and forth between them, and the current engine supply contract will end amicably on December 31, 2009. Ford will also slide a palimony check to Navistar. It's a different story in South America, where Ford and Navistar are going to keep it together, and the companies say they'll continue to collaborate in other areas, but this particular union is kaput.

[Source: Reuters]

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