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Yesterday, we gave you a guided tour of GM's first post-bailout NAIAS display. Today, we head across the hall to Chrysler, where the floundering automaker's dire financial straits are reflected on the show floor. Chrysler, once renowned for its lavish press conferences and known for its fancy display stands, has throttled back... big time. All three brands now share an open floorplan. No waterfall at Jeep, no giant Ram horns. Just cars and carpet. Taxpayer dollars now in the bank, the Pentastar is obviously trying to stretch them as far as it can while looking responsible in the process. The financial Grim Reaper has been shooed away for the moment, but don't worry about him; he'll definitely be back. The larger question after this year is, will Chrysler? Jump into the gallery below to begin the tour.

Note: The vehicles shown in the gallery were still in the process of being moved around when these photos were taken Monday night.

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