Few people in favor of government-mandated speed limiters, but the public at large has less of a problem if the limits are set on teenage drivers (apparently, that Orwellian pill goes down a lot smoother -Ed.). Ford is adding a new technology called MyKey to new 2010 model vehicles beginning with the Focus coupe. The new key tech enables parents to place limits on the family car, but only for those that use the MyKey fob. Parents can set the speed limit to 80 mph, add chimes at 45, 55, or 65 mph, limit radio loudness, and and turn off the radio when seat belts aren't fastened. Teenagers won't like this system, but it's designed for parent's peace of mind.

We got a chance to demo the system with Ford MyKey chief engineer Tom Miller, and we've prepared a short video for your perusal. It shows how to program a key, what settings can be chosen, and how some of the features work. MyKey may not be a big hit with the 16-21 crowd, but we've got a good feeling that parents will love it.

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