Now that you've had a chance to read all about our time with the fun-to-drive 2010 version of the Honda Insight and browse through the photo galleries, we can now offer you the opportunity to see this fuel-sippin' hybrid in motion. Yes, the Honda-supplied footage of their latest pride and joy is now available and allows us to see how the next-gen Insight handles the straights and curves of their test track as it makes pass after pretty pass for the cameras. The video comes in different flavors. Once you've had enough of watching the gun metal grey copy of the car do its thing, scroll down and check out the red.

In between we also have footage from inside the cabin. The camera stays glued to the instrument cluster long enough for you to check out various display options before moving on to examine practically every inch of the interior from the dash to back hatch. We're pretty sure there's enough footage here to satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in this potential Prius-killer. Just hit the jump.

[Source: Honda]

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