After Mamma Mia! and being James Bond, what else is there to do but let BMW loan you the dual-fuel Hydrogen 7 to go to the 66th Golden Globe Awards tonight. That must've been what Pierce Brosnan was thinking, as he (pictured above with his wife, Keely Shaye Smith) will be one of many celebs headed to the red carpet in a luxury ride; this one just happens to be capable of "zero-emission" miles. Hilary Swank, Kristen Davis, Brad Pitt and others have previously taken the H7 for a spin. We're busy with the news coming from Detroit, but we still have a question about what's happening in LA: what kind of alt-fuel car will we see the most of tonight? Teslas? Other EVs? Hydrogen-powered? Diesels? Anyone want to make any sort of predictions on this topic?

[Source: Ecorazzi]

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