There have been some interesting events in the Best Major Blog survey since we last spoke. Autoblog still has the most votes in polling for the Best Major Blog award, but the previous front runner, cjane enjoy it, has gained back a lot of ground over the weekend. Thanks to your help, Autoblog stands at 10,809 votes and cjane enjoy it is right behind with 10,490. We're canvassing the streets, knocking on doors and cold calling constituents to ward off our resurgent opponent, and we're calling on you for one last push.

You can click here to vote for Autoblog at the 2008 Weblogs Awards website, or use our own embedded polling station after the jump. We promise you won't regret it. There will be a lot of positions to fill in the new Autoblog empi... er, republic. How does Minister of Transportation sound?

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