Detroit 2009: Motor City guys and dolls....but mostly dolls

Click above for a gallery of high-res pics of some of the faces from Detroit '09

There are lots of people here in Detroit for the NAIAS, and there are lots of moments that have little to do with the cars themselves. So we figured we'd do a roundup gallery to show you some of the personal moments from this year's Detroit Auto Show. Some of the faces you'll undoubtedly recognize, while others you'll probably hope to get to know better. Check out the gallery and you'll see sports announcers, execs, kids, even a model or two. As always, we appreciate the tireless work of the booth professionals who have to stand in heels all day and pretend to be happy to see another camera shoved in their faces. Many have mentioned that they are fans of Autoblog, but we suspect they say that to everyone. Still, we know some will be viewing this post so please be civil and keep your comments clean.

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