It seems the arrow that is the message of personal environmental responsibility may have now pierced through every strata of society. What brings us to this conclusion is the news that a Prius was recently chosen as a getaway vehicle by a bank robber. It did occur to us that he might have chosen the halo car because of its ability to be somewhat stealthy while in electric-only mode rather than concern about his carbon footprint. Some of you may even be thinking that the real reason for choosing the Toyota hybrid for making good his escape was the fact that there was one idling nearby with its owner standing beside it, unaware of the unfolding drama about to overtake him. While we admit that is also a possibility, we prefer to think better of our fellow man. He did, after all, commit the robbery without brandishing a weapon or uttering threats of harm. For all anyone knows the fruits of his "labor" may have been thereafter donated to an orphanage. Or animal shelter. Or something. Whatever the man's motivation, the fact remains that, according to reports, he made, ahem, a clean getaway.

[Source: The Reporter]

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