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Ford is bringing its Transit Connect van to the US this summer with hopes of generating sales to businesses that need 143 cubic feet of cargo space and wouldn't mind car-like fuel economy. To drum up some interest in the Euro-sourced vans, the Blue Oval has just given away five of them to small business owners. One of the winners is a CPR instructor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jerry Buffman had been lugging her dummies around in a 2001 Toyota Sienna, but needed more space. Buffman travels to locations with her bags full of CPR equipment and practice dummies, and the soon to be released Transit should make lugging all of her props a bit easier.

To showcase the Transit Connect's flexibility, Ford also gave away the mini cargo vans to a kayak company, a cleaner, a dog care business, and a pet and baby safety company. Ford is looking to introduce the production version of the Transit Connect at the Chicago Auto Show in February, with sales beginning this summer.

[Source: MLIVE]

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