The Rocky Mountain Institute has created a nifty interactive map that shows you where the U.S. gets its oil from, along with how much - and who - the U.S. pays for its oil. Based on the thickness of the lines, you can see just how much black stuff is coming from where. The map goes as far back as 1973, the year of the first oil crisis, and is accompanied by a graph charting usage and dollars since then. As you'll notice in the pic above, we give a whole lot of money to Saudi Arabia, as well as our Canuck friends up north.

Additionally, RMI has included information on oil production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Outer Continental Shelf (in the Gulf) There are some interesting factoids to be found: ANWR drilling wouldn't start until 7-12 years after it's opened up, and peak production - up to 1.9 million barrels-per-day - isn't expected to commence until 20-30 years after that. Thus, drilling in the OCS probably won''t have any impact on fuel prices until 2030. Follow the link to check it out for yourself. Hat tip to reader Rick!

[Source: Technology Review]

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