Detroit Preview: 2010 Chevy Spark beats a path to the web

As the hours wind down before the 2009 Detroit Auto Show finally kicks off in the morning, more vehicles are leaking through the manufacturers' embargo nets. The latest addition to the list is the 2010 Chevy Spark, teased earlier this week on Today by GM design honcho Ed Welburn. Spark is the production version of the Chevy Beat concept that made its debut alongside the Trax and Groove at New York two years ago. Beat was the winner of a public poll to see which of the three microcar concepts would make it to production. We also know that Beat/Spark's going to get some time in the limelight as a character in this summer's Transformers sequel.

The itsy-bitsy new "world car" has grown a second set of doors in production trim, but otherwise, its styling remains remarkably true to the Beat show car. Roof rails hint at real-world practicality, and the fact that GM is choosing Detroit to unveil it suggests that maybe, just maybe, we'll see it here after all. We'll know more as the show gets officially underway, but we can say one thing: it's more interesting than the car it's presumably set to replace in other markets. We'll have plenty more when we see it up close.

[Source: WCF via CarSpyShots]

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