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Designer Pietro Frua had a very distinctive hand, and many of his designs sport undeniable beauty. Depending on your perspective, this coachbuilt mid-'70s Chevrolet Camaro is probably not one of those cars. The vehicle is still kicking around; appraiser and enthusiast Dennis Mitosinka is listed as the current owner by It bears a passing resemblance to all kinds of 1970s vehicles, from the Ford Capri to the Nissan 280ZX. The fundamental lines are classically proportioned and cleanly drawn, mostly because the second-gen Camaro itself had good proportions and clean lines. If nothing else, owning this Frua would be a great way to hold court (and keep 'em guessing!) at Concorso Italiano while offering the reliability, ease of upkeep and low maintenance costs of good old unloved domestic iron. When you're done looking at our gallery below, check out some additional images here.

[Source: Hemmings, Photo: Car & Driver]

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