Click above for a gallery of the $32,600 RAV4 EV

If you're the envious type, don't worry. The front wheel well of this RAV4 EV was dented anyway. That's gotta take, what, a few hundred bucks off the value?

Which RAV4 EV are we talking about? A 2003 model with under 100,000 miles on it that recently sold for for just $32,600 on West Auctions. That's quite low, compared to other RAV4 EVs that made it to eBay in the past (see here and here for two 2006 posts). We're not sure why the winning bid was so low (but we're looking at you, economy) or why the car was put up for sale in the first place (tipster Andrew said it was because of a bankruptcy situation), but someone certainly scored a good deal on this electric vehicle. Everyone we know with a RAV4 EV is happy as anything with their ride. Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

[Source: West Auctions]

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