On the market since 1997, Saab's 9-5 is getting more than a little long in the tooth. The Swedish automaker is about to launch the Griffin Edition of its aging sedan, but that's a stop-gap at best; if Saab is serious about its future, it's going to need an all-new 9-5. Or more accurately, if General Motors is serious about Saab's future, it will need a new 9-5 - or at least the perception of a forthcoming 9-5 among investors (Wagoner and company have hinted at that they may sell off or shut down their quirky Scandinavian subsidiary).

The latest rumors, however, indicate that the new 9-5 has departed the terminal on time and is running on schedule. According to the folks at Trollhatten Saab, this report comes courtesy of an admittedly anonymous dealer who has apparently been exclusively peddling Saab's Swedish wares in America for more than two decades. The sketch above, released this past summer, promises a closer tie-in with Saab's increasingly dubious aerospace links. Could it be enough to thrust some juice into the automaker's afterburners? Thanks to Swade for the tip!

[Source: Trollhattan Saab]

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